We strive to provide services to save people from a life-threatening situation and guide them to a faster and safer mental and emotional recovery.

Start thriving in life again.

Audiolog or Journal your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Educate is another step to self recovery

Send your location in case of an emergency. 


Express Your Feelings


We all know depression episode has no schedule, it can happen anytime.
You can record these events on the go.


Not all journals are written by hand.
We understand your privacy, type and make notes of your daily activities and events.

You can record your thoughts, feelings and challenging emotions as text and/or audio and attach a photo to help you express and not suppress your feelings. You can share these journals with your counsellor or therapist, or you can keep it fully private and safe.

We also understand a lack of access to psychological first aid and other mental health support for natural disaster survivors and emergency response teams.


If psychological and emotional intervention is not offered immediately after the event the affected people often show signs of severe trauma, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), depression and anxiety.


This can become a lifelong condition if not treated accordingly. The research shows that, when mental health intervention is offered immediately, the recovery from the disaster is faster, more efficient and the impact of mental illness is less likely to occur after the event.

Reduce severity of your life!

Mollify is a revolutionary mobile app designed to save your life in case of emergencies by sharing your location to loved ones to get help as soon as possible and providing you with after care. 

App Features are:


  • Share location in an emergency
  • Record your feelings as Video, Audio or Text
  • Protect your entries with Pin
  • Name your entries
  • Make additional comments after each entry
  • Search using text, location or date
  • Share your location with loved ones via email or SMS
  • Full access to all emergency contacts
  • Assist you to find the right therapist
me life female using the app


At Mollify Life enterprise, we are committed to the privacy and security of all your entries on all our mobile applications.

Our goal is to help you vent your feelings, organise your thoughts in easy search methods via location, date and time or simple text search while respecting your privacy.

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Save Your Life

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